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July 26th – Homeland: Chinese Classic Floral Art by You Zhai & Lei Fan

July 7, 2024  |  Events, News

Homeland (opening July 26th) Chinese Classic Floral Art Exhibition by You Zhai & Lei Fan This exhibition will showcase over 30 Chinese paintings by the talented couple Zhai You and Fan Lei.Their works reflect the philosophy and aesthetic tas... Read more

Portals is almost here! Info for Submission and Tips for Hanging

July 6, 2024  |  News

We are calling artists to participate and share their artistic perspectives and interpretations of the concept of portals, whether literal or... Read more

Royal Gazette: Art exhibition will celebrate one family’s talent and roots

June 1, 2024  |  News

Original article: https://www.royalgazette.com/general/news/article/20240531/art-exhibition-will-celebrate-one-familys-talent-and-roots/ An art ex... Read more