The Bermuda Society of Arts [BSoA] at City Hall is presenting several new art shows — set to be showcased from November 13 to December 9 — which highlight the work of local artists.

A spokesperson said, “BSoA is excited to present several exciting new shows exhibiting from November 13 – December 9 2020. ‘In Isolation’ in the Onions gallery is home to works by a selection of artists who took part in the BSoA virtual exhibition “In Isolation: A Creatives Reality” over the lockdown.

“Carmen Domarco is exhibiting in the Edinburgh gallery, her exhibition is ‘Laze and Strata’. This collection of new work constitutes a reflection on the origins and ethos of Bermuda, from the laze and strata of geological beginnings to the subsequent interactions of climate, cosmos and consciousness.

“Laze forms instantly when molten lava mixes with sea water, while the layers of rock known as strata, widely seen throughout these islands, have been formed over the course of millennia. Upon this base, a garden of pristine and abundant natural beauty… intense light and colour, lush flora and fauna, rugged earth, rock and sea, evoke the vision of an earthly paradise against the backdrop of a world in upheaval.

“Forces of nature, and – according to legend – other unknown and mysterious forces, unexplained phenomena, and vortices to other dimensions, combine to make Bermuda an idyllic and privileged vantage point for observation, contemplation and creation.

“Floral and Earth Art by Nicky Gurrett is a show exhibiting Studio B. Also in this show, she will be launching her second book titled Floral Art and in the show will be photographs from her new book, ‘Floral Art’ and her first book titled ‘Beach Art.’ Nicky Gurret is an award winning Floral Artist that has exhibited in seven Chelsea Flower Shows and six World Floral Art Shows.

“Sue Stephenson’s exhibition ‘Autumn Breeze’ is a variety of colorful mixed acrylic paint with a thinning medium and adds silicone. She then combines paints and pours to get the effects. The design comes as she manipulates the paint across the surface, and is inspired by the colours and Bermuda. You will get engaged in the various shapes and forms her pieces take on.

“Nahed is a mixed media artist exhibiting in Studio C whose artwork includes jewelry, collage, and painting. many of her pieces are made from objects found on her travels and walks on the beach. Her show is called ‘Nahed’s Playground,’ reflecting the fun she has while creating her art, and you can see more of her work on Instagram.”