Rachel Furbert – The Penland School of Crafts Student

Artist’s Statement :  I am the 2009 recipient of the BSOA bursary award. I used the award for two months study at The Penland School of Crafts in North Carolina. I recently completed this course in November and have grown tremendously since then in the area of ceramics. I left Bermuda as a ceramic decorator at Bermuda Clayworks having never touched a pottery wheel to creating everything from mugs to teapots to plates. Since returning I have entered work in the Small Works show at Bermuda Art Center in Dockyard and have had my own show in Studo B at BSoa Galleries. I’ve also had a gallery night at Bermuda Clayworks and I’m working toward having my own line of pottery sold there. I am very grateful that BSoA awarded me the bursary and saw my potential and this in return has helped me to broaden my artistic horizon and get a solid start and boost on my career as an artist. This Bursary Award program is a great one and can help and encourage other young artist like myself to get the same start on their artist career. Thank you BSoA again and I hope this program will continue and that other young artists take advantage of it.

Royal Gazette Article Sept 1 2009

Royal Gazette Article Jan 11 2010