The Bermuda Society of Arts (BSoA) is pleased to announce that Sarai Jahdai Hines, 20 years old – Post graduate in Education Secondary Art & Design, has been awarded the 2015 BSoA Bursary Award in the amount of $5,000.

Some 14 aspiring artists applied for the bursary by submitting portfolios of their work. The candidates were short-listed by members of the BSoA’s bursary selection committee – BSoA governing body members Aideen-Ratteray Price, Earl Jones and former BSoA co-president Dr. Edwin Smith.

The high quality of the submissions made for a difficult task in deciding who would receive the final award. The finalists will have the opportunity to have a free show of their work at the Bermuda Society of Arts to showcase their outstanding portfolios. Congratulations to other entrants who did not make it this year. We are excited to see their successes in the arts.

The $5,000 bursary, awarded annually by the BSoA, is designed to provide financial aid to a Bermudian student interested in furthering their post-secondary education in fine arts and/or design. The recipient should be registered at an accredited college or university for either undergraduate or post-graduate studies.

The BSoA is the oldest arts organization, celebrating 64 years. It is hoped that through continued support and generous sponsorship, the society will be able to increase this bursary and help more talented Bermudian artists fulfill their dreams.