As the 2008 recipient of the BSOA Bursary I was honored, and thankful to have been selected for this award. The BSOA Bursary is assisting greatly with my success at the Savannah College of Art and Design in Savannah Georgia.  The bursary has been truly been a great support in my studies as I have maintained my status on the Dean List since 2008. The bursary supported my tuition and fees and the purchase of art and design supplies which will carry me through my studies.

As a junior in the BA program of Interior Design, I have had many opportunities to express myself through art and design. With each project, a new element of my artistic style unfolds. I have been working with need mediums both by hand and digitally. I am excited about where I am today, because I have begun to explore in great depth my passion, interior design. As something new is discovered each day I am reminded that I am being prepared to truly take my place as a designer and as a creator of change in the future. I have accepted the challenge to also minor in Sustainable Design. This choice has exposed me to the possibilities and the responsibility that creative persons have in being advocates for change in this diverse and ever changing world.

In the future it is my desire to promote the use of art and design, whilst educating and inspiring the people of Bermuda. Travel for more exposure in the Interior Design field on an international level is also one of my future goals.  Interior Design has become my outlet to make real and memorable differences in the lives of others and I look forward to sharing this gift with as many people as I can.

Vanessa Bean
Interior Design B.A. Student