Fit to Fly BDA donates to local charities

July 8, 2022  |  Events, News, Press Release

After just three months in operation, Fit to Fly BDA has given more than $5,000 to three tourism related charities, as part of its commitment to philanthropy. “From the beginning, we knew that we wanted one of our company values to be a clear p... Read more

Event shared tips on creating vibrant and flamboyant carnival costumes

Events, News  |  June 13, 2022

Local fashion designers shared techniques on how to create vibrant and flamboyant carnival costumes at a recent one-day event. La Modiste, which took place at the Bermuda Society of Arts on Wednesday, featured talks and displays by Barbie Payner, James Lee and Raffine Whaley in the run up to Car... Read more

John Kaufmann: Idea, skill, inspiration

News  |  June 13, 2022

Wayne A Dill A friend suggested I meet John H. Kaufmann who was preparing for his upcoming art show and followed with the comment: “I think meeting John might pique your interest.” His comment would prove to be an understatement in the neighbourhood of saying jazz great Miles Davis was ju... Read more

Free Teen Yoga Program Starts In March

Events, News  |  February 24, 2022

Bernews Feature To Register: EMAIL | CONNECT@TIFFANYPAYNTER.COM | 441.737.1311 The ‘As I Am’ teen yoga program will start in March, with the free programme being offered for 14 to 17 year olds on Tuesdays and Thursdays at the Bermuda Society of Arts in City Hall. The ... Read more

Michaela draws on near-death experience to create art

News, Press Release  |  January 14, 2022

With her organs failing, Michaela Antoinette lay in bed and prepared for death. Four years later she hasn’t forgotten the "sheer terror" she felt when her body started to "gently vibrate". "It happened over the course of three days and three nights," she said. "As I was going through this g... Read more

BSoA Opening Exhibitions On November 26

News, Press Release  |  December 21, 2021

The Bermuda Society of Arts [BSoA] is inviting the public to attend the opening exhibitions of six local artists on November 26. A spokesperson said, “The opening exhibitions of six local artists in six individual showcases and one great show. Gallery Director Nzingha Ming is excited to... Read more

Arnold finds expression in the art of not giving a dot

News  |  December 7, 2021

Who Gives A Dot! is the title of Liz Arnold's latest collection of work. The 25 "whimsical" pieces were created using mixed-media techniques; the majority include a repeated pattern that plays to the name of her solo exhibit at the Bermuda Society of Arts. "They kind of tie in together,"... Read more

Art in Bermuda going places

News  |  November 20, 2021

The 20th century has arguably produced the most art movements in the history of Western art. While there are no definitive criteria as to what constitutes an art movement, it is generally accepted a commonality of ideologies, philosophy, technique or even styles during a given time period births... Read more

Introducing Lance Tucker: The Artist

News  |  August 18, 2021

Ever since Lance Tucker’s first solo show went up at the Bermuda Society of Arts at City Hall, people have asked ‘excuse me, are you the artist?’ “It happened last week in the grocery store,” Mr Tucker said. “I felt someone looking at me. I turned around and this lady asked me if... Read more