Local fashion designers shared techniques on how to create vibrant and flamboyant carnival costumes at a recent one-day event.

La Modiste, which took place at the Bermuda Society of Arts on Wednesday, featured talks and displays by Barbie Payner, James Lee and Raffine Whaley in the run up to Carnival In Bermuda which is due to take place from June 17 to 20.

Rochelle Minors, a board member for BSoA and owner of fashion company Rochelle Nicole, came up with the idea for the event as a way to showcase local talent.

Ms Minors said: “The designers showcased costumes they made and shared their journey with costume design and the techniques they used — it was a show and tell to promote local artisans in the community.

“Not many people know that there are Bermudians making the costumes. Most people bring in their carnival costumes from international designers.”

Ms Paynter’s costumes will be worn by local carnival band Nova Mas and she is currently working on up to 60 costumes.