Onions Gallery : Edinburgh Gallery : Studio A : Studio B

The BsoA Galleries is a versatile space in which to exhibit your artwork. Shows change every three weeks and the rental, therefore, applies to a three week period. The gallery specifications and rental rates for each gallery space is set out below.

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Onions Gallery
The Onions Gallery is the largest of our four galleries. The overall size is approximately 60 feet by 30 feet (1,800 square feet) and is extensively lit by high windows on the western side. The walls provide for approximately 100 running feet for displaying artwork which can be expanded by an additional 310 running feet with the various moving panels which are available. This Gallery is a versatile space which lends itself to multi talented shows of all mediums and is also ideal for business or social events such as presentations, cocktail receptions and dinner parties.

This space can be further enhanced by encompassing the “Studio Galleries” which extends the overall size to 76 feet x 30 feet (2,280 square feet).

Onions Gallery Rental: $1,750 (including bar costs)

Edinburgh Gallery
The Edinburgh Gallery provides a more private environment for the single artist or small group shows. At approximately 33 feet by 14 feet (462 square feet / 566 running feet), this intimate gallery can house additional moveable panels and plinths to enlarge and enhance the hanging space.

Edinburgh Gallery Rental: $750 (including bar costs)

Studio A & B
Two boutique galleries, Studio A and B are a recent addition to our space and each gallery is approximately 14 feet by 15 feet (210 square feet / 51 running feet). These studios could be rented together which, with the centre panel removed would provide 420 square feet and 36 running feet. This space can also be incorporated into the Onions Gallery providing an overall space of 76 feet x 30 feet (2,280 square feet).

Studio A & B Rental: $375 each (including bar costs)

20% commission charged on sales (a minimum commission charge of $15 applies to all sales)

For non residents – add 20% to quoted fees

Apply to Gallery Director for charity rates – each case considered individually