African Foundation Timeline Exhibition


The Mobile African Foundation Timeline (MAFT) exhibit provides a general overview of the many contributions and achievements of African people, illustrated in 1,000-year increments. A story neglected in too many history books, the history of people of African descent begins at the beginning of time!  Black people established the foundations of world civilization

    The visually stunning timeline is an expression of vision, unity and self-determination of the Ashay University Community.  Members pulled together their collective resources, talents and skills for the benefit, education and edification of the larger Bermudian community.   Beautifully rendered by Bermudian artist and educator, Mrs. Angela Ming-Bean, the Mobile African Foundation Timeline is a symbol of the genius, creativity, ingenuity and excellence of African people.  

     The Ashay U Marketplace, featuring African inspired cultural wares – clothing, accessories, pillows, masks, etc. – will be held on Saturday, 27th February from 11 am to 1 pm.  Join us for this culturally enriching experience!   Ashay!!

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