A Journey’s Introduction by Adrienne Smatt

Adrienne Smatt has long been a collector of profound words, quotes and lyrics and has been searching for a way to share that collection, and let’s face it, obsession. With “A Journey’s Introduction”, Adrienne’s first solo exhibition in Bermuda, she has found a way to combine her collections. In the last few years the Bermudian artist has found herself traveling and discovering new parts of the world and aspects of herself. These discoveries have lead to a transition in her career and a change in mindset – all for the better.

The addition of her latest creative endeavor, calligraphy, to the photographs is meant to enhance the works and encourage introspection while also providing words or mantras to live by. She hopes the viewer finds what they need in these pieces whether it be words of encouragement, inspiration or empowerment, and helps to nudge the viewer towards their own positive journey.

Adrienne studied at New York University and graduated with a BFA in photography and sculpture. This is her first solo exhibition since her senior thesis show in 2010 and her first solo show in Bermuda. She would like to thank her family for their unwavering support and her friends for their encouragement to see this show through to its completion.

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