In Isolation: A Creative Reality – Enter to View


Welcome to In Isolation – when you enter our space please be sure to enter the seperate gallery spaces to view the awesome collection of works.

When you click on the image of the art, you will be presented with information about the piece and who created it.

Our first ever virtual exhibition and we are finally ready!  We were really excited  to receive the large volume of submissions, along with all the collective encouragement and support from the artists and creatives who took part, providing many outstanding pieces!

We find ourselves navigating the new online format, working to present and steer our website to host and present these inspiring works from Bermuda and a few places from around the world! 

2020 has been a big change for the world and from it has come awareness and experiences that requires the voice of art. We have all been affected by recent crisis and pandemics of humanity.  The magnitude of which has really affected us at BSoA and made it challenging to bring you this show sooner.  We have been committed and are happy to finally be able to present it to you.  Thank you to all of you who have inquired and waited patiently.  There would be no show without you.   See you online on June 27th!!

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