“Chromatica one three one three one two” + “Incisions”

Artist by Hayley Skurowski + by Andrea Sundt


Hayley Skurowski was born in 1976 in Australia. Following completion of her Bachelor of Interior Architecture in
1999 from the Royal Institute of Technology University (RMIT) Melbourne, Australia, she worked as an Interior
Architect for Architectural practices in Melbourne, Canberra, London, Dubai, Hong Kong and New York. She
concurrently had a private art practice focused on ideas of ‘home,’ her last solo exhibition was in 2009 in Brooklyn,
New York, entitled Mind Your Manners. Hayley has also been part of the following selected group exhibitions; 2019
Charman Prize, Masterworks Bermuda; 2017 The Space Between The Breaths, Space Curation, USA (of which she
curated and exhibited in); 2012 Home, Australian Consulate New York; 2006 Group show with Creneau, Antwerp,
Belgium; 2003 Group show, Apart Gallery, London. Hayley is currently working on a solo show that she will present
in early 2022 at Bermuda Society of the Arts. Hayley is also an accomplished flute and piano player
and has her own Interior Design practice called SPACECURATION with clients in the US.

“Chromatica one three one three one two”
For this body of work I have been working with the chromatic colour way and the chromatic scale.
I have played music all my life and was born with a nature of sun and fire
I am at heart a colourist, attracted to fire and light expressed in warmth and colour.
Much like one practices and plays music, so too is the way that I make art; technique/practice and performance.
Typically my artistic approach is to be spontaneous when executing my oil paintings on canvas. Expanding my
practice and following from my musical discipline, I wanted to develop a visual language that felt familiar, while
introducing more structure and method.
The practice for this body of work came with painting the watercolour ‘studies’ first.
I looked at the colours of the rainbow, ever omnipresent in Bermuda and focussed on the similarities in the
chromatic colour wheel and the chromatic scale. The combination of water, sunlight, reflection and refraction.
Once I moved onto the oil on canvas pieces, they took on their own narrative and gestural language. This has led
me to understanding that the studies were wonderful and necessary and I value how this approach informed,
expanded, and confirmed my understanding of aesthetic and narrative intent.
Aesthetically, I am desperately attracted to colours and their vibrations and combinations. An understanding
emerged as I explored the Bermuda light and rainbows in my work – I saw how the sun can bleach and fade things,
which become new versions of themselves.
This realization took expression as my watercolour ‘studies’ evolved and changed in the oil paintings. Not copies, but bleached out version becoming something else. My colours in my watercolour ‘studies’ are potent and bright. Much like the strength of the sun at its core, or a rainbow. Always the same 7 colours in the same order at the same intensity and vibration. As in a chromatic scale,
always the same structure and intervals. Once I transitioned to the oil paintings, I immediately understood that I had more freedom to approach this bleached aesthetic by diluting the vibration of the oil paints. The watercolour

Andrea Sundt
Biography and Artist Statement

Andrea Sundt
Born 1981, Oslo, Norway
2000 – 2001, Mutimedia, Idefagskolen, Tønsberg, Norway
2004 – 2007, Costume Design, Esmod, Oslo, Norway and Paris, France
2011 – 2014, BFA, Parsons The New School, NYC
2014, Making Meaning, Sheila C. Johnson Design Center, NYC
2016, It’s About Now: Memories of the Present, BNG Biennial, Bermuda
2017, Artworks at the Marina, BYS, Bermuda
2018, What We Share, BNG Biennial, Bermuda
2019, Detras Del Muro, Havana Biennial, Cuba
2019, Charman Prize, Masterworks Museum of Art, Bermuda
2020, Let Me Tell You Something, BNG Biennial, Bermuda
2022, Charman Prize, Masterworks Museum of Art, Bermuda

Andrea Sundt is a Bermuda based artist and costume designer with a background designing for
theatre and film. Raised in Oslo, Norway, Andrea received her Costume Design degree from
Esmod Paris in 2007 followed by a BFA in Fine Art from Parsons School of Design in New York,

  1. Andrea has exhibited in several group shows locally and internationally, among them the
    Bermuda National Gallery Biennials (2016, 2018, 2020) as well as Detras del Muro, part of the
    Havana Biennial in Cuba in 2019.

My current body of work is an exploration of pattern and language through the use of abstracted
forms including morse code and flora. I have a form of synthesia that relates colours and forms
to words and these works are a representation of that way of seeing. The imagery is part of a
larger vocabulary of symbols that I use and return to in my work, some more opaque than

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