‘Three Dimensions’ with Belinda Tartaglia Mark Pettingill Joseph ‘JoMar’ Marable

Edinburgh Gallery

Statement for the show:

“An artist cannot fail; it is a success to be one”. – Charles Horton Cooley

“Whether you succeed or not is irrelevant, there is no such thing. Making your unknown, known, is the important thing”. – Georgia O’Keefe

Three Dimension of Artist:

Joseph Marable (‘JoMar’, as he is known the creative world), – has been a keen and successful Photographer for many years, photographing in Bermuda and in many other countries. Joseph ‘JoMar’, Marable has studied with success photographers in America, who have had a great influence in his creative ability and work. A famous photographer said, “You don’t take a photograph, you make it.” – Ansel Adams

Belinda Tartaglia – trained herself to paint from ‘her collage’ – studying numerous, wonderful art books and artist, for countless years. Belinda is very passionate about art, painting and being creative in many ways, and Botanical painting and paintings, embraces a special place in her soul. But as this quote says, “The idea of divine inspiration and an aha moment is largely a fantasy. Anything of value comes from hard work and unwavering dedication. If you want to be a good artist you need to look at other artists, make a lot of crappy art, and just keep working.” — Sydney Pink

Mark Pettingill, A successful lawyer ‘by day’ and artist in his ‘authentic life’, has been painting for a several years. Mark discovered painting 10 years ago in Vermont when he fell in love with the fall trees. He began a study in acrylic paint, inspired by Master outdoor artist George Gallo’ (an accomplished painter in the style of the Pennsylvania Impressionists), who is also a friend and movie director in LA. Mark has also been inspired by numerous friends in Bermuda, who with their devotion and passion for art, encouraged Mark to grow as an artist, to express his desire for painting and display his paintings – make his unknown, known.

These artist have come together to share their diverse artistic views of life – presenting their inner selves, their passion for the arts, and to enjoy their journey through life – especially the journey of being ‘an artist’. The ‘Three Dimensions sincerely hope you enjoy their ‘Art Show’.

“Creativity takes courage” – Henri Matisse


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