Noia Di Blocco by Kimmisha Perinchief

“Noia di blocco” means “lockdown boredom” in Italian. 2020 has been a weird year, a year of
long periods without social interactions and long periods of reflection. During our recent COVID
19 Lock down and recovery / re opening period I was able to spend time reflecting on things that
where around me. Local news, international events, sports, music, local traditions, fashion,
friends, family, movies, television, social media and radio. It took a long time to try to define or
explain the inspirations behind the artwork, but it is impossible. There is no one defining
inspiration for the artwork other than what was on my mind at that time or something that I saw
that excited me artistically. My Millennial traits lead me to believe that somethings in life do not
and should not require a specific explanation, inspiration, definition or reason. Some things are
just what they are, randomly and beautifully; my art is just that; Random and Beautiful.
“Noia di Blocco” is a cumulation of random thoughts during the 2020 COVID-19 Pandemic
lockdown in Bermuda.

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