Thoughts by Canvas exhibition by emerging artist Dejavon Paynter NealJhay, Kyle James + Carlos Santana


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An exhibition featuring a collection of works by emerging artists.  The exhibition is the conception if DeJavon Paynter alongside NealJhay, Kyle James and Carlos Santana

Meet the artists:

My name is DéJavon (Dae, Daedreamer) Paynter, I am a creative expressing emotions through art. I’ve created my entire life but I lost the time and focus on it for a while. I really found art when I was incarcerated, being given nothing but time to focus and work on myself and with that I rediscovered something that I forgot was a part of me. Beginning with crayon and pencil sketches while focusing more now on acrylic and oils on canvas at the moment but, in late 2020 I’ve started to venture more into murals and other forms of expression such as painting custom signs, aprons and small sculptures.
I’ve always found it easier to connect and communicate through art instead of speech or action at times. Anything I’ve created was a though or personal feeling of mine as you shall be able to hopefully feel the waves and growth of my journey.
Welcome to my world, through my art.

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