Sailing Forever by OmorO

OmorO celebrates the beauty of The America’s Cup in Bermuda with his Art Show “Sailing Forever”.

The French artist Olivier Moreau (OmorO) will display 40 watercolors at the Bermuda Society Of Arts (BSOA) in the City Hall of Hamilton during the 35th America’s Cup (June 16th – July 4th 2017) . The Art Show contains many sailboats, including, the six incredible catamarans AC45 racing in the Great Sound. You will also discover antique design vessels and older AC’s sailboats. You may be puzzled by some surrealist crafts, but you can set your compass on the Sailor’s Ladies…

This exhibition is somehow a follow up of “Retour au Port”, another Art Show done in Olivier’s village of Trégastel in Britany (France). It took a few years for some of the boats to cross the Atlantic but they made it safely 🙂 The watercolors follow the style of the famous US Painter that visited Bermuda a long time ago, M. Winslow Homer, who liked sailboats as well.

For Olivier, sailing is a fantastic experience and an everlasting passion (as strong as painting). But he also reminds us that sailing is a very old human activity permitting the discovery of new islands and technologies. He wants to emphasize that Bermuda has always been a good harbour and a cherished destination. Sailboats using the “Bermuda Rig”, were the first in the world to go up wind easily. Omoro does not follow the mainstream, conventional representation of boats, he sometimes goes “up wind” in new and unexpected directions. You might want to travel with him to have another point of view of Sailing, forever…

Olivier is married to a Bermudian, and he sailed around the Rock from 1984 to 1990 before casting anchor in Martinique in the West Indies. He has always been an artist and has held previous Art Shows in Bermuda, Martinique, France and Canada. His artistic production has four main themes: Surrealism and Situationism, Conceptual Assemblies, Classical Watercolors and Pop Art. The corresponding techniques are oil painting, acrylic, montage and collage, watercolors, photography, computing, and electronics. You can discover his work on his website : Omoro thanks the BSOA team for their warm welcome,  the photographers of the America’s Cup for their trust , and family and friends who helped to put on the show for their support.

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