Plan B Returns

PLAN B RETURNS. Made up of life long friends Hannah Emmerson and Erika Jenkinsons-Mattatall, this pair of best friend artists return after a four year break of projects and parenting to exhibit once again. Dusting off the cobwebs and pushing back the newly acquired grey hairs they excitedly stretch their creative muscles again. For going a theme this year they decided to freestyle and follow their own individual creative directions. 

Erika Jenkinsons Mattatall has spent the last four years focused on the joys of motherhood and chasing around a bouncing toddler. Although juggling work and motherhood provides creative stimulation in the form of crayons and washable paint, it also comes with a certain amount of sleep deprivation. Finding her creativity was being lost to a combination of exhaustion and paperwork she has returned to an old beloved style to rekindle her artistic side. Anime has always been a huge influence on her ever since high school and in this familiar style she’s looking forward to express her life, frustrations, motivations and inspirations with the viewer. She hopes you enjoy her dark side as much as she does 🙂 

Hannah Emmerson’s art explorations began at an early age. Being blessed with two very artistically talented parents, Hannah practically grew up with a crayon and pencil in each hand. And while completing a Fine Arts Degree at Bishops University and a Major in Jewellery at NSCAD, her biggest challenge has always been settling on one style. Blame it on A.D.D or fear of committing to one thing, she bounces from one exciting project to the next. Her previously exhibited works range from jewellery; pastels; body paint; trash art and of course sandcastles. For this show she picks up a brush and returns to an concept started in University with an enamel bowl and continues it now on canvas. Exploring her love of all things ocean and her eternal  memories of ocean summers.  Join her as you immerse yourselves in the underwater Tunaverse she has created. 🙂 

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