Reflections – Memorable Moments in Bermuda


Richard James is an Architect by profession and became interested in photography as a hobby while attending Graduate School at Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta. He has had the opportunity to travel to many beautiful and interesting parts of the world, but enjoys to photograph in and around the many points of interest here in Bermuda.  Photographing longtails, landscapes and bugs remains both an interest and a passion.

My name is Kyle James and I fell in love with my first drone, the DJI Mavic Pro, in December of 2016. This drone provided a whole different perspective of my beautiful island home of Bermuda and every flight proved fascinating.

As a tourism industry professional and an avid traveler, I saw a perfect opportunity to showcase the island in a unique way. So I attended the University of Google and YouTube in the comfort of my home and educated myself in what it takes to deliver quality media content. I am proud to see Fly High Media showcasing the beauty of Bermuda as a true ambassador for this beautiful island paradise.


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