Vernon Clarke: A Retrospective


June 29th, 2018.
BSoA. City Hall, Hamilton.

This Retrospective of my current show has been on my mind for the past three years.
My subject matter remains figurative and mostly drafted, even when I am painting.
This is a grand proclivity which I have nursed, ever since I can
remember. My drawings have led me to a finer process in writing, painting,
modelling and other fine arts applications. I want my audience to be enlightened by
the foundations of all my figures, whether it be
portraits, landscapes or my technical/engineering drawings.
This process has been a life long progression and discovery of something within
myself. Something vital & vibrant, adventurous even!
Throughout the years this art thing has lived inside of me, this lingering – longing –
loving. This thing which first taught me – how to love outside of me, and remains
so still! There is a personal place from which we all come; and to which we return to
find ourselves creatively, to sing and dance and be at spree. That place – dark & quiet.
That place where we escape to be, where our souls take flight, and it’s Will is free
to be you and me. And ever more – shall be!
I find this place in my Art: whether it is on paper, pencil, charcoal, wax, stone, plaster
or oils. Of lately my preference has become oils on boards, paper, linen or canvas.
The Bermuda atmosphere is always pleasing – inspirations abound during Winter – Spring – Summer –
or Fall. Our complexions change, while the inspiration remains supreme.
Yes to look and be inspired! Oh what a gift, to look at the world – and one’s heart be on fire!
The oils, the oils all afire: Just six main colours, for to mix and Black & white –
if so desired!

Vernon N. Clarke. BA/FA.

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