1. How far in advance do I have to book?
Typically, we find that the prime months of summer July through September and the Christmas holidays are the first dates to be reserved. The gallery will do everything it can to accommodate your function/show.

2. Am I allowed to reserve the gallery and what does that entail?
We are happy to reserve the gallery for you at no charge while you tie up loose ends but a 50% deposit should be paid at least 90 days in advance. If someone else expresses interest, we give you the first right of refusal and will ask you to make an immediate decision with 50% security deposit.  The remaining rental fee is due at least 30 days before your event or show.

3. What is the payment structure?
The rates depend on whether you are renting the gallery for a reception event  or an exhibition:

Function Rental Rates start at $675 for a 2-3 hour reception.

Exhibition Rates for a three week period are as follows: Onions Gallery: $1,750 Edinburgh Gallery: $750 Studio Galleries: $375

3. Is a security deposit required?
Yes, a 50% security deposit is required at time of booking.

4. Is there a cleaning deposit required?
Credit/debit card information is retained in case of excessive cleaning/repairs following a rental

5. What if I cancel the date after I have signed a contract and paid?
A full refund wil be made if you cancel more than 90 days before your event/show.  If you cancel less than 90 days in advance your 50% deposit will be forfeit unless the gallery space can be relet.  If you cancel less than 30 days before the event, your entire fee will be forfeited.

6. What if BSoA cancels my reservation?
If circumstances beyond the control of BSoA force it to cancel your reservation, we will refund all sums paid. This refund is in lieu of all other damages.