After just three months in operation, Fit to Fly BDA has given more than $5,000 to three tourism related charities, as part of its commitment to philanthropy.

“From the beginning, we knew that we wanted one of our company values to be a clear philanthropic strategy,” founder Jennifer Burland Adams said.

“We decided that every month we would give five per cent of our net proceeds to non-profits and, since we are providing a service to visitors to the island, it made sense to support organisations which were in that space.”

The March, April and May recipients were Bermuda Society of Arts ($1,096.54), St George’s Foundation ($1,286.48) and the National Museum of Bermuda ($2,878.59), for a total of $5,361.61.

Fit To Fly BDA is a service provided by Healthcare Solutions Ltd and owned by Claire McDevitt who said: “Since Jennifer’s other company, Wavecrest, provides consulting in the philanthropy space, we wanted to ensure our selection process is fair.

“We came up with a long list of non-profits. Jennifer assigned them a random number and each month I blindly choose a number. That way neither of us are conflicted or could choose our favourite.”

Fit to Fly BDA has tested thousands of visitors to Bermuda in the last few months with its tele-health supervised antigen testing service. When they first started their company, they specifically marketed to tourists knowing that testing options in the US, Canada and the UK were decreasing in location and increasing in price.

A spokesman for the company said Fit to Fly BDA is the preferred testing partner for many hotels in Bermuda and has worked with corporate concierge teams to ensure that visitors, residents and business travellers all have a seamless testing experience.

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Credit: Royal Gazette Article