The Bermuda Society of Arts mourns the loss of remarkable artist, teacher, and sculptor,  Chesley Trott.  

We remember the extraordinary impact that Chesley Trott had on the art community as a whole throughout his lifetime. He was truly one of the all-time great Bermudian artists and his masterful work will continue to leave its mark on the artistic landscape. 

Mr Trott was once under the tutelage of founding member of the Bermuda Society of Arts, Charles Lloyd Tucker. Mr. Trott’s first exhibition was held in the gallery alongside Mr. Tucker in 1967. From there, Mr. Trott continued to create and contribute to the arts throughout his life. Some of his notable works is the “We Arrive” sculpture at Barr’s Bay Park commemorating the the arrival of enslaved Africans to Bermuda aboard the Enterprise, and “When Voices Rise” commemorating the 50th anniversary of the 1959 Theatre Boycott located at Freedom Square at the corner of City Hall Car Park.

We are grateful for his talents and how much he gave to the community. Younger generations can continue to be inspired by Mr. Trott’s work long after his passing. He is a valuable part of Bermuda’s heritage and culture and his legacy will continue to live on. Thank you, Mr. Trott. A true Bermudian luminary.

We extend our heartfelt condolences to his family.