Legacy, Tapestry, Roots is a combination of mixed media art works by various members of the “Bassett Family” who reside in Bermuda and overseas.

They are all the descendants of Josephine & Terrance Bassett.

Exhibitors range from the family’s well renowned professional artists to those new to the scene who were encouraged to showcase, what were found to be, very special hidden talents in their particular media choices.

“The idea behind the show is to highlight the talent within our family; offer support to each other during the preparation of our works, all while receiving guidance from the seasoned artist in the family.

“We really want to ensure the entire process was fun and our hope is to encourage and ignite the interest of other local families to embark on a similar journey.

For us, the experience was an opportunity to further establish traditions that reflect, explore, and connect with our family’s Legacy and by weaving the Tapestry of our family’s memories we came to truly understand the significance of the generational connections that are our Roots.”

The opening reception will be from 5pm to 7pm on Friday, May 31st