We are calling artists to participate and share their artistic perspectives and interpretations of the concept of portals, whether literal or metaphorical. Portals can be openings to new places, passageways to other worlds, large entrances with grand, imposing doorways, among other things. Portals can also serve as openings to new experiences and sensations. Explore the concept of portals in your artwork.

Drop off date: July 24th between 10am and 4pm

Opening Reception: July 26th from 5pm to 7pm

Submission link: https://bsoa.bm/exhibition-entry-submission/


  • Artists may submit up to 5 pieces of artwork per person
  • BSoA Membership MUST be up to date (https://bsoa.bm/join/become-a-member/)
  • Pre-registration is REQUIRED via online submission (Submission link below). Please contact the gallery with any questions with registration before drop off date
  • All pieces for sale if Not For Sale a $50 hanging fee will be required per piece
  • No work accepted from previous BSoA shows
  • Artwork MUST be dropped off at the gallery with all other steps completed on July 24th by 4pm
  • Make sure that the details of each individual piece is written down and taped to the back of the corresponding artwork (Title, Price, Artist Name)

Preparing your artwork for hanging

D-rings are the most popular option for hanging mounted or framed works. Two d-rings are attached to the back of the frame or mount with a wire tied between.

D-rings should be positioned one-third of the way down the frame or canvas

How to Wire

  • Slide the end of the picture hanging wire through one of the D-rings.
  • Securely knot the end of the wire on the D-ring.
  • Twist another inch of the excess wire up the rest of the wire.
  • Cut off the excess wire with a wire cutting tool.