An artist is inviting members of the community to lose themselves a little in her dreamy series of abstract paintings.

In Dream a Little Dream, Sue Stephenson is to exhibit 22 works on stretched canvas at the Bermuda Society of Arts’ Edinburgh Gallery from tomorrow until December 12.

It will be her third show of abstract art, using a palette knife and brush to create bold shapes and textures. Her first show in this style — City — was last February and the next was Point of Sail in October.

The self-taught artist said: “Previous shows have looked at a specific theme, but this is pure abstract and straight out of my head.

“The pictures are dreamy and just take you in. You can make your own mind up how you interpret them — everyone interprets them differently.

“In my pictures, some may see a ship, some may see a windmill — I would encourage people to dream a little bit and take everything in.

“I’ve called the show Dream a Little Dream. Some of the paintings are named after songs and some are named based on what I felt at the time I was painting them. It’s the feeling I got when I created them.”

Ms Stephenson, a legal assistant, moved to Bermuda from Britain in 1983 and was captivated by the vibrant colours of the island.

She has experimented with multiple mediums over the years, starting off with pastels in the 1990s before moving on to oil paint.

In 2017, she started doing acrylic pours — the pouring of thinned acrylic paint straight on to canvas — which she now provides tuition on.

Last year, she turned her focus to the abstract.

She has been influenced by the impressionist works of Claude Monet, painting his gardens in France.

Locally, her favourite artist is Jonah Jones, who works in the impressionist style.

She added: “This is my main focus now. I am using other materials like stencils and palette knifes and I’m trying to do deeper layers.”

She has been working on the upcoming show for the best part of the year, using any spare time during the weekends to put it together.

The art works range in size from 48 by 36 inches to 10 by 20 inches, and all of the pieces are on sale.

The opening night is tomorrow from 5pm to 7pm at the BSoA in City Hall, Hamilton.