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Talented artists who took part in last month’s Annual School Art Exhibition were rewarded for their efforts at a prize-giving ceremony yesterday.

Primary, secondary, and senior students from schools across the island submitted work for the two shows that were held at the Bermuda Society of Arts Gallery at City Hall through April.

The event, in its 59th year, was organised by the Department of Education “to provide a platform for students from public and private to showcase their artwork”.

Visitors were able to vote by ballot for their favourite works and 12 winners picked up “People’s Choice” awards and prizes of art supplies.

Before the presentation, Shannon Rose-Robinson, the acting arts education officer at the Department of Education, praised students for their efforts, and also thanked teachers and parents for their support.

Referring to the primary school exhibition, Ms Rose-Robinson said: “We had hundreds of entries. The walls were full of amazing 2D and 3D work.

“Then we transferred to the middle and senior exhibition, and that was also impressive.

“Thank you to all the students who submitted work. We’re very proud of you.”

Prizes were presented by Vance Campbell, the acting Minister of Education.

Mr Campbell said: “This week marks International Arts Education Week, a commemorative celebration of the arts and, most importantly, the arts educators who play a critical role in fostering our students’ appreciation, understanding and growth.

“Arts education is not just a part of education — it is the heart of it.

“It articulates and activates culture, deepening our awareness of humanity’s many facets.

“Through arts education, our students learn to express themselves, think critically and appreciate the beauty and diversity of the world around them.”

He added: “This afternoon, let me give a special thank you to the visual art teachers for your instruction, guidance and the passion you bring to your work with our students.

“With the closing of the 59th Annual Schools Art Exhibition, we recognise the teachers who assisted with all the behind-the-scenes work that helped make the primary and middle/senior exhibitions a resounding success.

“We also recognise the families who have been a pillar of support, encouraging and nurturing the artistic talents of our students.

“Congratulations again to all the students who will be recognised today. We are immensely proud of your achievements.”